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Hey Sk8 Fam! This is the full catalog of free skating tutorials I've created to share with our community what I've learned and continue to learn, in the hopes that your own skating journey will be full of personal growth and joy. If you're new to skating, welcome to this soulful art, I hope you fall in love as I have. I'll continue to update this list but for the most recent uploads and access to quick vids with tips, drills, footwork, and skating inspiration, please follow on socials. xx 



How to transition from forward to backward skating and the reverse.



For stopping, slowing, and resistance. This type of plow requires some lateral slide, and is often not suited for soft outdoor wheels + grippy surface (modify to a pizza/lemon stop).

Versatile, fast stop. Doesn't need much space. Also useful for speed control on hills/inclines. Requires transitioning from forward to backward.

Looks cool, not super useful for a lot of situations on quads but the physical mechanics of this skill provide a great base for other techniques.




Two methods for skating down hills/inclines.


Painting my leather skate boots using Angelus paints for leather.


Testing Radar Halo wheels 97A on an outdoor concrete rink. 5/5 stars. One of my all-time favorite wheels, and my go-to for roller derby since 2018.



Beginner Crazy Legs in 4 steps + tips and drills.


Using the turnaround toe stop skill for evasive techniques on the line.

Using C-cuts and power stops for blocking strength on the line.


Lateral glides & D-cuts. Foundation skills for agile blocking, tracking, and increased mastery of edging.

One-footed glides into toe stops for quick, controlled evasion on the line.

Quick glides session including a variety of exit options.

Skill building off skates and on skates, working up to apex jumping.

Skill building off skates and on skates, working up to waltz jumping from a toe stop pick.

Vid 1: Lateral backwards pulls into cuts for edgework pratice.

Vid 2: Hockey stop variations. (swipe >> for vid 2)

Priming exercise to warm up edges and shins, and continue drilling good hockey stop form and lateral endurance.


3 levels of progression + 2 hits to clear space for your jammer, working continuously in a 360 pattern. (Group Drills)

2 warm up drills to get you thinking and working with zone defense. (Partnered Drills)


3 levels of progression to bring power to your edges. This is one of my favorite edgework drills. (Solo Drill)

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